Passenger Boarding Bridge

Airport Boarding Bridge

Airport Boarding Bridge is a movable lifting channel between airport terminal and aircraft. There are multiple boarding bridges at each airport. One side is connected to one of the boarding gates of the terminal, and the other one side is buckled on the aircraft door. The passenger enters the aircraft through the corresponding boarding gate.

The airport passenger boarding bridge has two tunnels one is a fixed tunnel and the other tunnel rotates around the rotunda. When the aircraft is not docked, the tunnel is encased in a fixed tunnel. The tunnel is extended when it comes to pick up the aircraft. The bridge wheel of the cabin drives the bridge to move and rotate in order to complete the docking of the passenger terminal and aircraft.

Seaport Boarding Bridge

Seaport Boarding Bridge is a mobile boarding equipment used by cruise ships at the port to connect passengers to and from the cruise ship. The passenger boarding bridge serves as a link connecting the cruise ship and the port terminal building and is an important part of the port facilities. Boarding bridge provides an all-weather, comfortable and safe passageway for traveling up and down the cruise ship.

Frame-type boarding bridge: The main support structure of the passenger tunnel of this type is a large box-beam structure or truss structure. The frame-type boarding bridge can be driven from one end of the quay to the other end along the wagon, easily and fexible.