Single Girder Hoist

Hankook offers electrically operated Single Girder Hoists. These hoists are manufactured at Hankook’s modern manufacturing facility and offer customers the best in technology. Capacity for hoists range from 500 kg - 30 tons and can be offered in single speed / dual speed design. Where space is a constraint hoist of Low Head Room type (LHR) can be offered to meet specific customer's requirement. The hoist gear boxes are 3 stage helical gear box and the hoist motor is with IP 54 / 55 enclosures. The standard design incorporates DC Electro Magnet Disc brakes and the hoists come fitted with protective rope guide. Overload protection by means of limit switches and other electrical means is offered.

Hoist can be operated through pendant push button or through radio remote control. For cross travel highly efficient helical gear motor fitted with DC disk brakes are offered as standard.

Frequency invertor control for hoist and cross travel are generally offered. Besides the standard speed, faster lifting speeds can also be considered for specific customer applications. The open design for hoists component assures customers the ease of maintenance and easy accessibility to all hoist parts (refer figure above). The cross travel trolleys are so designed to accommodate available sizes of mono rails or standard I beams. These hoists are also suitable for fitting onto under-slung cranes. All electrical components are of reputed make and are easily available for replacement. The main operating voltages are 3 phase, 415 volts and 50 HZ.

Double Girder Hoist

To optimize the available space in new and proposed buildings the Double Girder Hoists from Hankook fulfils these requirements. The fitting of Double Girder hoists in most cases will provide a clear top of the hook position thus enabling maximum height of lift from free flow level. The Double Girder hoists are usually offered as a combination of main hoist and auxiliary hoist mounted on a common traveling trolley. Special applications requiring higher track gauges can also be offered in Hankook Double Girder Hoists.

All Hankook Double Girder Hoists are fitted on EOT, Gantry or under slung cranes providing advanced engineering solutions for customers. The standard design of the Hankook Double Girder Hoists incorporates Helical gear motor for hoist DC-EM brake and special open winch type double girder hoist can be offered for special applications like hot metal handling and also where higher height of lift and cross travelling speeds are required.

Externally mounted main hoist motor and gear box, DC-EM Brakes with hand release mechanism, higher and lower limit switches, over load protection devices are all standard fitments.

Foot-Mounted Rail

The ZX6 hoist is available in capacities 0-5 tonnes whilst the ZX8 hoist has capacities 0-25 tonnes. The new ZX10 hoist extends the range further with models available up to 50 tonnes.

All popular capacities are available with M5 (FEM 2m) duty rating and in most capacities duty ratings of M6 (FEM 3m) or M7 (FEM 4m) available.

The design features three basic frame sizes each having multiple options for motor power, gearbox ratio, drum length and the number of falls of rope. This gives users maximum flexibility in selecting hoist speeds, duty classifications and lifting heights.

Mono-Rail Type

ZX88 Mono Rail Hoist up to 25 tonne capacity. Low headroom single girder hoists running on a double trolley with a total of eight wheels are available in 16t, 20t and 25t capacities. This design reduces the point loading on the beam flange which is a limiting factor on some other hoists. Adjustable trolley carriages accommodate beam fl anges from 300 - 700mm. Formed by a combination of fixed mounted-type with the double-rail trolley and is operated on the Double girder, while the wheel is made of mono-block medium carbon steel with the surface being processed with hardness treatment; automated adjustment by eccentric shaft, capable of running on uneven rails and sustain the load evenly.

Chain Hoist

  • Capacity - available from 250 Kgs to 5 Tons.
  • Disc magnetic braking device allows instant brake as soon as the electric power is cut off.
  • Lower Hook is ensured by its 360? rotation and safety lock.
  • Load chain length of 3 M as standard, Longer chains are available, upto 130 M.
  • All hoists are CE/ISO certified and come with Test Certificates.
  • Outer shell is made of light aluminum alloy, light in weight.
  • Chains are case hardened & have high resistance to wear & corrosion.
  • Hooks are hot forged with perfect strength.
  • IP 65 Water proof push buttons are applied. They are light in weight & durable.
  • Gear box utilizes an alloy steel helical & spur gear reduction.
  • Chain containers are standard accessories in our chain hoists.
  • Electrical Trolley - The side guide system makes the trolley movement smooth. Frequency control of motor speed is available.
  • Motorized Trolley - Trolleys are adjustable for wide range of flange widths.
  • Overload protection limit switches are mandatory in all our hoists.
  • IP 55 protection.