Ecoteel = Environment + Economy + Steel public spaces.

Ecoteel uses two same kinds of materials or two different materials laminated together by using an outstanding world first environmentally friendly viscoelastic resin material. Ecoteel will be used industrial wide for decrease oscillation, noise damping, thermal insulation which results in cost reduction.

Metal Plus

Metal Plus

Metal Plus is the basis for unlimited creative expression. They offer a sophisticated breadth of choices that can be tailored to meet the real world challenges of today’s public spaces. They are as the applications for which they are used. They provide a robust visual vocabulary for walls, columns, cabin interiors and more.


Nexteel is made for the 1st time in the world through HMFP(Half Molding Forming Press). HMFP allows various pattern and texture giving 3D expression of stainless titanium gold, bronze, and black with 0.1mm to 15mm (D). We can offer 4 by 8-10 feet size with 1/3 molding price. 3D Nexteel can be used for cabin car interior, door, commercial building interior and home art wall.

Art Metal

Art Metal is innovative complex creation with hairline, mirror, and bid blaster texture. This is lighter than conventional metal with anti-vibration and anti-noise. Comparing to conventional metal, Art metal has strong anti-corrosive and rust to use elevator cabin and office interior. This sheet is purely made by galvanizing iron but this gives an identical look like stainless design steel.