Elevator / Lift

Home Lift

Artistic Background

The Design of the elevetor background is luxurious and unique, and the different design style perfectly match the various home style.

Free Manipulation

The control panel of elevetor adopts a simple and beautiful design style, which is easy to operate and requires no special study.

Driving System

Adopt the new permanent magnet synchronous gearless drive technology.

Its superior driving performance has been tested repeatedly, and it is safe and reliable

Freight Lift

HanKook Industries is born to highly transport cargo in various architectures.It adopts the most advanced micro-computer control technology and is equipped with large loading capacity,perfectly reveals its economic advantages and efficieney.

Energy conservation(Adopt high efficiency PMS gearless traction machine to reach energy conservation)

Free maintenance, no annual oil change

Mute, no speed reducing mechanism, reduce the mechanical noise in the process of reduction drive

NO oil pollution, no oil in the process of motor operating

Comfort in Elevator operation ,no mechanical vibration occurred in process of reduction drive