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Material Handling Equipments

HANKOOK Cranes are committed and dedicated as “World Class Cranes with Top Class Support” HanKook Industries Pvt Ltd is an allied company with Bando Hoist Crane Co., Ltd.(Korea) and K2 Cranes & Components Pvt. Ltd.(India). These three expert companies together provide solutions for material handling. Bando’s new knowhow and technologies, HanKook’s Sales & Marketing and consultation(technical guidance in MIS), K2’s manufacturing, installation, and service would be perfect harmonizing collaboration in Indian market.

Product Range

  • Single Girder Cranes (Up to 25 ton)
  • Double Girder Cranes (Up to 100 ton)
  • Gantry Cranes/ Semi- Gantry Cranes (Up to 100 ton)
  • JIB Cranes/ Wall Travelling JIB Cranes (Up to 3.2 ton)
  • Underslung Cranes (Up to 20 ton)
  • Mono Rail Systems (Up to 10 ton)/ Light Cranes Systems (Up to 2 ton)
  • Anti-Sway system, Anti Snag system, and Auto Centering system
  • Winches (Up to 60 ton)
  • Special Trolleys (Up to 100 ton)

Salient Features

  • Various Hoists are available such as Korean Hoist, European Hoist, and Korea-India Co-Hoist.
  • Modular, Rugged & Low head room
  • Compact and Space saving design
  • Crane Duty European Geared motor with Thermal Protection
  • Hoist motor, Gear Box & Break are in single compact unit Eliminating Coupling & Alignment problem
  • Dual speed Hoist motor and Cross Travel dual speed by VFD
  • High Tensile Strength Rope for more safety factor
  • Low maintenance electromagnetic DC disc Break for Hoist & Cross Travel
  • Safety Limit for upper / Lower travels & Electronic Overload protection
  • Nylo-Cast Rope guide to avoid noise on rope
  • Control Panel Components are reputed make & available globally

Our Service

  • Quick Break-Down Services
  • Preventive & Annual Maintenance
  • Performance Improvements
  • Health Check-Ups
  • Standard Control Panels for Korea or European based PLC Cranes
  • Retrofitting & Renovation of any brand / aged cranes
  • Gantry Girders & Rail Alignment Service
  • Annual Load Calibration & Certification Services
  • Consultation & Inspection Services for cranes automation, restricted movement features, anti sway controls, lead monitoring devices, data loggers & life assessment of EOT Cranes
  • Cranes parts for all brands