Multi Level Car Parking

Tower Parking

Tower Parking System can also be called a solid garage tower type or simply parking tower. It provides access to the cars through the circular lifting system which is an elevator and its conveyor belt.

Parking: Conveyor belts will carry the car from the entrance to the lifting system, then the lifting system will rotate and lift to the car's designated parking place which the combination of the parking Floor and parking space after that the conveyor belts will transfer the car from the lifting system to the car's final parking slot.

Platform Parking

Platform Parking System adopts a similar principle and structure of the fully automated ware house or robotic warehouse. Each floor at least has one traversing system to provide support not only for the cars but also for the vehicle access. The lifting machine can get different vehicle parking floors connected with different entrances or exists. Vehicles only need to be parked in the entrance, and system will manage the process automatically. This Car parking system can meet the needs from 2 floors to 10 floors and it can be located on ground or underground. It also provide a safe place and quick access to vehicles

Stack parking

Stack Parking System divides parking spaces into upper and lower foors for car depositing or removing by using lifting mechanismor pitching mechanism. This equipment has a simple structure, economic construction cost, short installation time, high performance and easy operation. This type of equipment is widely used in private houses, enterprises and institutions and they are located in basements and other places. This equipment can increase the parking space by 2 time compared with places without this system.

Puzzle Parking

The Puzzle Parking uses the motor together with the chain or steel rope to move the vehicle's platform by lifting or traversing to access the vehicles. It is famous for its safety and fast effciency. It is equipped with the completed safety device and control system. It has a simple structure, standardized design, large-scale production and easy operation.

Rotary Parking

Rotary Parking System adopts the vertical rotative movement to the ground for car's parking and retrieval. A special chain circulate together with the car's platform.

  • Small space occupied.
  • Easy operation.
  • Effciently use of land.
  • Automatic control management.
  • Short vehicle accessing time.