About our company About our company

About our company

Their primary company was established in 1965 and since then, the company has been launching various products in the market.

GIC has two major sister companies; Gaius Industrial Systems Co., and Han Group. Han Group provides international strategy service and Gaius Industrial Systems Co., offers international Sales activities.

GIC provides construction material products with a wide variety range from elevator (components) to building materials from their own factories or their joint venture in to the Asia region.

GIC plays a significant role as a driving force for world class product and top notch service.

GIC proactively deals with the rapid-changing business environment by diversifying their product portfolio, by making their business more agile and by identifying new business model.

GIC has 8 overseas offices.HanKook Elevator & Materials Pvt.ltd.in India is one of their core and Pro-active officers.

HanKook Elevator & Materials Pvt.Ltd. offers elevator from G+1 up to G+64; Premium & Classic Elevator, Home Hydraulic Elevator, Car Parking System, Escalator, Korean Metal (Design) Sheet, iPVC & Cpvc Pipe and Ductile Iron CastingPile.


  • International Standard EN 81
  • Imported Premium Elevator from korea
  • Safety & Code Compliance
  • Customised Design & Product
  • Energy Saving
  • Unique Interior Design
  • No Vibration & Noise in Cabin
  • 24/7 Personal Service Call Booking Facility

Passenger Elevator

elevator1 Depending on the rate of speed, passenger elevator is installed for Vertical Transportation. It is classified as Traction Elevator, MRL Elevator and Hydraulic Elevator. We recently also provide Home Elevator.

Freight Elevator

elevator1Rationalize trends in transport logistics, in addition to the apartments, factories, and buildings alone the forklift equipped with a state-of-the-art technology to large amounts of cargo-rich low-capacity cargo aircraft are able to supply.

View Elevator

elevator1Outlook for the elevators can be applied to any place or building any form of transparent window in outlook, outlook towers, office buildings, hotels, department stores, etc, are installed elevators, interior design and harmony of the surrounding space craftsmanship will enchance the quality of the building.

Car Parking Elevator

elevator1Optimum fit on the condition of the building, the elevator can produce a varity of features and excellent stability, easy operation, the fast parking is available.

Hospital Elevator

elevator1Voltage variable frequency(VVVF) control scheme adopts landmark before the energy savings(over 50%) and hospital elevator realize the vehicle was excellent elegant design and apply a wide variety of add-ons to increase the satisfaction of the passengers as well as quality of medical facilitiesis