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About HanKook

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Our primary company was established in 1965 and since then, the company has been launching various products in the market.

Our mother company, GIC provides mechanical and electrical speciality with a wide variety range from material handling equipment(components) to moving system from their own factories or their joint venture/partner in the Asia region.

GIC has 8 overseas centres. GIC has HanKook Elevator & Materials and HanKook Industries in India. HanKook Industries has made a spin-off in 2018 from HanKook Elevator & Materials which was established in 2012 in India.

HanKook Industries plays a significant role as a driving force for world class products and top class service.

HanKook Industries proactively deals with the rapid-changing business environment by diversifying their product portfolio, by making their business more agile and by identifying new business models.

Hankook Industries offers mainly Elevator/ Lift Series, MultiLevel Car Parking Systems(Automatic Car Parking Solution), EOT Crane & Hoist, Passenger Boarding Bridge(Airport/ Seaport), Conveyor, Escalator, Dock Leveller and some other trading products.

HanKook Industries works with Simmatec, Baroin, STT and Matiz as global partners.

GIC provides globally very innovative products for infrastructure projects. (See our items in annex)

Under the leadership of our MD, Mr.SangWoo Kim, we have managed to reach several heights, in the past years. His ability to understand, analyse and manage market needs has made our highly valuable assets for the firm.

We connect our innovation and challenge to the World.


International Standard EN 81

Safety & Code Compliance

Premium Components from Korea

Customised Design & Product

Energy Saving / Eco-friendly

Unique Interior Design

No Vibration & No Noise

Personal Service Call Booking Facility