Alliance & Partners

TRIMAAX Technologies

TRIMAAX Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified privately owned Company based at Chennai, India. The Company has the fabrication facility covering the products ranges from Carbon Steel Structural for Wind Mill Towers, Gear Box Supporting Components, Carbon Steel Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers in carbon steel and Duplex Stainless steel etc. caters the clients in the field of Heavy industries, Process plants, Windmill suppliers and Operators. Read More

Vitzro Nextech

Vitzro Nextech is a large scientific and applied technology company that continues to create value for the next generation. A Korean launch vehicle that continues its challenge toward space. The world is paying attention to 100 million degrees of passion, KSATR, is the next generating energy source. The International Fusion Experimental Reactor (ITER) is a global development project for commercializing nuclear fusion energy. We are carrying out design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of cornerstone accelerator (proton, heavy ion, synchronized light) projects in the basic research/semiconductor/materials/bio fields, and are based on waste recycling and application projects using high-temperature plasma systems. We are preparing to realize eco-friendly green growth and carbon neutrality Read More

TOSO Solution Group

We are a transnational company headquartered in Atlanta, GA. USA, with more than 10 years of experience in the implementation and development of turnkey projects, Industrial, Commercial and residential type, roofing and integral construction services. We are fully committed to projects with high volume and high quality concepts of supply and customer service, resulting in constant satisfaction from our clients. With the rapid development in Mexico, Total Solution Group initially opened its’ subsidiary in this country in 2014 to meet a variety of contracts with Korean companies in various projects directly or associated with the KIA assembly plant in Nuevo Leon. Read More


STT-HanKook was initially involved in local engineering and overseas trading operations. Since 2010, it has largely focused on global engineering, construction projects, trade, and investments. We deliver the highest value to customers by building on our wealth of technical expertise and experience in buildings, civil infrastructure, power plants, and housing.. We prepare for innovative leaps by seizing new business opportunities, grounded in customer needs and building on our existing strengths. We create new venues through technology and expertise by providing business solutions. We develop new business in eco-friendly and mobility drawing on its global reach and core competencies. Read More


INDOYANG CONNECT was established to create a differentiated value for our customers by providing in depth analysis and insight to the Indian and South (West) Asian Market. We connect our innovation and challenge to the world to help accelerate your business expansion efficiently in the area of Market analysis, Business partnership or Joint venture, Establishment of overseas corporate office and factory, Import & Export, Manpower & Recruitment, Support for small business & start- ups. Moreover, through our team of analysts, channel partners, distributors, and investors, we can help companies establish their presence between India (South Asia) and Korea. Read More